Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke clothes are custom made designs that are specifically fashioned for you, to fit you like a glove. It is the name given to tailored clothing that involves a high degree of customization where the client has a fair degree of control over its design, fabrication and fit.

At La Panache all our bespoke designs acknowledge your every curve & contour, and are carefully crafted to enhance your best attributes while subtly masking your problem areas. So now there are no excuses for ill-fitting & sloppy clothes anymore.Our designer gives life to your imagination and designs exactly what’s on your mind. You can now develop your ideas with one of our designers and create your own unique clothes. There is no greater luxury than a dress made just for you. It’s like having your own personal stylist yet at realistic and affordable prices.

Enter the world of bespoke clothing and you will never look back.

*Bespoke clothing/customization option is only applicable or offered for exclusive base designs by La Panache

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