Bring out the designer in you

I knew I wanted to be a designer from a very early age. This realisation came from me being a very fussy customer. I would often go from store to store in search of that perfect design & fit. I would always ask a store if they could customise my designs. More than often the answer would a plain and simple NO!!! I always take pride in my own designs as they have a very contemporary feel, but I also feel that there are women like me who would have a creative eye but not the resources to execute. Wait no more as I promise to help you create that unique design and fit which you’ve been craving for.

You can submit your ideas by emailing us on or by visiting the store for further discussion. Please click here to leave your valuable feedback and share your experience on our facebook page on how we have lived up to your expectations. We are continually innovating new ways to reach out to our customers and would be grateful for your suggestions which can be sent to

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